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Engine bearing
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The Engine Bearing (Main Bearing)

The internal combustion engine (piston engine) currently is still the most common engine used in automotive indutstry, even though the electric vehicles using electric vehicles are getting rapidly popular. Combustion engines contain several bearings and the one that allows the crankshaft to rotate is named as main bearing or engine bearing. The figure above shows the location of an engine bearing in a four cylinders combustion engine.

Bearing is a device that is used to reduce friction between moving parts of machine elements to provide movement in a desired way with minimum power losses. Development of bearings is one of the most revolutionary steps in the development of human made machines. First concept of a bearing was described by Leonardo da Vinci.

The main functions of bearings are:

  • Reducing friction
  • Supporting parts of the machine or machine elements
  • Bearing radial or thrust laods

The function of the main engine bearings is to support crankshaft and allowing rotation during the engine operation. Main bearings are mounted in the crankcase.

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