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What is EHD film thickness?

[avatar user=”Jean-David Wheeler” size=”original” align=”left” link=””] The article was created by Dr. Jean-David Wheeler, Engineer in modeling at SIMTEC [/avatar] Surprisingly, when two lubricated solids are heavily loaded against one another and when a motion […]

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Bio-Inspired Surface Replication

Replicating the complex surface topographies of nature [avatar user=”Dr. Charchit Kumar” size=”original” align=”left” link=”“] The article was created by Dr. Charchit Kumar, Postdoctoral Researcher and Teaching Associate, Laboratoire ICube (CNRS UMR 7357), Université de Strasbourg […]

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Engine bearing

Engine Bearing

The Engine Bearing (Main Bearing) The internal combustion engine (piston engine) currently is still the most common engine used in automotive indutstry, even though the electric vehicles using electric vehicles are getting rapidly popular. Combustion […]

Friction Coefficient

Laws of Friction

Amonton’s laws of friction are categorized as the classical version of friction laws which have highly been accepted by the engineers dealing with friction. Guillaume Amontons has earned his name in the field of physics […]

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galled specimen


What is galling? Severe types of adhesive wear are often called galling, scuffing, welding or smearing, although these terms are sometimes used loosely to describe other types of wear. In metal-to-metal wear tests, high stresses […]

Four Ball Tester RTEC Instruments

Four Ball Tester

Oil lubrication and lubrication technologies are essential in reducing friction and wear losses in machines. The key in efficiency of the frictional system is a lubricant (grease, oil, solid lubricants). Four Ball Tester, also known […]

Pin on disc

Pin on Disk Test

Pin on Disk Test Friction and wear (typically wear rates and wear resistance) characterization of materials is typically performed using various types of tribometers, while pin on disk test being probably one of the most […]

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What is Nanotribology? Nanotribology or molecular tribology is one of the most significant components of tribology which is concerned with atomic and molecular interaction at a nanoscale, occurring upon the frictional contact of materials or lubrication. […]