get cited
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How to get cited!

After years of research, problem solving and brain storming the fact that a fellow researcher found your work helpful in his own research is so fulfilling. This makes citing one of the most important factors […]

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surface texture
Computational Tribology

Which is the best texture?

Every so often, a natural texture is discovered and presented as a great texture for tribology purposes! Shark skin, leaf surface, or even snake skin are the most renowned examples. And it is true that […]

EV Engine
General Topics

Electric vehicles: less challenges for tribologists?

[avatar user=”Jean-David Wheeler” size=”original” align=”left” link=””] The article was created by Dr. Jean-David Wheeler, Engineer in modeling at SIMTEC [/avatar] With the last years’ rise of electric vehicles (EV), you may have thought that the […]

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Commensurability of the surfaces
Atomistic Tribology

Structural Lubricity: A Recent Overview

Tribology is largely concerned with understanding of the (friction) forces acting at the interface between objects moving against each other (Menezes et al., 2013). Over the recent years there has been significant progress in understanding […]